The house is a 1700 Square feet 3 BHK Sea facing apartment in Sentosa, Ocean Front.

We were asked to reconfigure the house as per the need of this lovely Chinese couple who are also business partners and stay with their golden retriever 🐶 pup(then)!

Meeting and knowing people is part of the reason I love my job !

Opposites attract but in this case , we were designing a house for such a couple , where one liked neutrals and boho aesthetic while the other bold retro vibes , we combined these two into different parts and elements in this house .

We also wanted to get tropical feel to the apartment which overlooks the Sea . Demographic makes a huge difference to any design we do.

In this apartment we have created the entrance lift lobby as a calming , soothing space to create a beach vibe , my favourite is the wall paper which has hues of sand,
one would see on the beach with a beautiful plaster of Paris mural artwork on the wall.

Living room wall wooden panel gives a bit of warm feel , we have added a lot of antique furniture and rugs to the space to pull it all together.

The dining room has one of my favourite antique pieces which was the starting point to design the space . The bench is a reclaimed piece of furniture which was used at a post office in India . It was perfect to have a straight posture to dine . We added blown glass pendent to create an eclectic feel.

Similarly the master bedroom has a calm , relaxed feel , we found this 100 years old antique door which we have used as a sliding panel in the bedroom. The art selection was done as per the permissible Fang Shui color wheel.

One of the most dramatic places of the house is the study room, we have designed keeping in mind the husband’s bold personality . We have used leopard print wall paper inside the emerald green book shelf . I love the energy in this space.

This apartment took 4 months renovation time , we have completely remodeled kitchen , bathrooms , balconies and all the rooms. Styled with all loose and fixed furniture , art and accessories . And finished it with landscaping and all soft finishes ( linens ) in the apartment.


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To view complete list of our Clients