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Before 1917, Joo Chiat Road was known as the Confederate Estate Road. We at Nidhi Jain are excited to announce our office shifting from CBD to Joo Chiat. For over 10 years we were at the CBD area, while this place had its own benefits but moving to Joo Chiat has its own charm. The office space is brightly lit and lively making it just right for creative juices of designers like us to flow Joo Chiat boasts of various lifestyle boutiques, Singaporean fashion and much more! 

Located in Katong, East Coast. It is a notable neighborhood in Singapore, has an outstanding historic landmark – the famous Katong Park. The area, which was once home to military forts during the pre-war era, has undergone significant coastal reclamation work that transformed it into a vibrant residential and recreational hub.

Despite losing most of its sea frontage, Joo Chiat Road still offers a quality living experience with easy access to two ultra-modern MRT stations completed in 2023 – MRT Katong Park and MRT Tanjong Katong, which will greatly enhance commuting in and out of the area.

Joo Chiat Road is indeed one of Singapore’s most desirable locations that seamlessly integrate history, culture, and modern city living. The area is just a quick ten-minute drive from the city centre. As one of the country’s best foodie destinations.

Currently, Joo Chiat has become one of the hippiest and coolest towns in Singapore, with both rich and young professionals flocking to its savory cafes and restaurants.  Joo Chiat is also one of the Singapore food streets with UNESCO Status.

Joo Chiat Road is a prime residential district with private houses as well as condominiums. A stone’s throw away from the East Coast Park, Joo Chiat Road is easily accessible by the East Coast Expressway extending from the city to Changi International Airport.

Luxury living in Joo Chiat

There are famous eateries which contribute to Joo Chiat’s popularity as a dining spot. Since 2014, Joo Chiat begins to experience a significant shift in culture and immigration. Today, western cafe and high-class dinning are sprouting over Joo Chiat Road because a lot of Caucasians shifted in after discovering Joo Chiat has better historical culture than Holland Village, and it is very close to the seaside, and would fit in to their lifestyle preference. Thus, a lot of Chinese, Malaysians, and Vietnamese restaurants changed to western restaurants or cafe. Joo Chiat now becomes a multicultural food enclave, not just a Peranakan enclave. The restaurants and various eateries along the street are of varied cuisines from all over the world.

Singapore is known for its luxurious lifestyle, and the city-state offers a wide range of upscale amenities and services for those seeking a high-end lifestyle. Living in luxury in Singapore offers a myriad of opportunities and experiences. The city-state is known for its high standard of living, impeccable infrastructure, and diverse lifestyle offerings.

Here are some aspects that contribute to luxury living in Singapore:

Residential Options:

Condos and Apartments: Singapore boasts luxurious condominiums and apartments with top-notch facilities like pools, gyms, and concierge services.

Landed Properties: Exclusive bungalows and landed houses in areas like Sentosa Cove or Bukit Timah offer spacious living with privacy and upscale amenities.

Dining and Cuisine:

Fine Dining: The city has numerous Michelin-starred restaurants offering a range of cuisines prepared by world-renowned chefs.

Exclusive Culinary Experiences: Private dining experiences, rooftop bars, and exquisite wine tasting events are abundant.

Entertainment and Leisure:

High-End Shopping: Orchard Road is famous for luxury shopping, featuring designer boutiques and flagship stores.

Art and Culture: Galleries, museums, and theaters offer high-caliber performances, exhibitions, and cultural events.

Services and Lifestyle:

Healthcare and Wellness: Access to world-class healthcare facilities and spas offering rejuvenating treatments.

Transportation: Private chauffeur services and high-end car rentals are available for convenience.

Exclusive Memberships: Access to elite clubs, golf courses, and exclusive memberships for social networking.


International Schools: Singapore has prestigious international schools with top-notch facilities for expatriate families seeking a premium education for their children.

Accessibility and Safety:

Efficient Infrastructure: Singapore’s efficient public transport, well-maintained roads, and high standards of safety contribute to a comfortable lifestyle.

Events and Networking:

Exclusive Events: Private parties, exclusive networking events, and social gatherings cater to a luxury lifestyle.

Nature and Recreation:

Green Spaces: Despite being an urban metropolis, Singapore offers lush greenery and well-maintained parks for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Living luxuriously in Singapore involves accessing these aspects, often requiring a significant financial commitment. The city’s reputation for safety, cleanliness, and efficiency, combined with its diverse cultural offerings, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a high-end lifestyle.

Designing luxury interiors

Designing luxury interiors involves a careful blend of aesthetics, functionality, and attention to detail. Here are some key elements to consider when aiming for a luxurious interior:

1.Quality Materials:

Fine Woods, Stones, and Metals: Incorporate high-quality materials like marble, granite, teak, or walnut for flooring, countertops, and furniture.

Luxurious Fabrics: Use silk, cashmere, velvet, or high-thread-count linens for upholstery, curtains, and bedding.

2.Elegance in Design:

Timeless Design Elements: Opt for classic, elegant designs over trendy styles that may become outdated quickly.

Attention to Detail: Intricate moldings, ornate fixtures, and carefully curated accessories add a sense of luxury.

3.Lighting and Ambiance:

Layered Lighting: Combine ambient, task, and accent lighting using chandeliers, sconces, and lamps to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Natural Light: Maximize natural light with large windows or skylights to enhance the space.

4.Comfort and Functionality:

Plush Furnishings: Invest in comfortable and luxurious furniture pieces with high-quality cushions and upholstery.

Smart Technology: Incorporate cutting-edge technology for convenience and efficiency.

5.Art and Statement Pieces:

Art and Sculptures: Display curated artwork or sculptures as focal points to add a sense of opulence.

Statement Furniture: Signature or custom-made furniture pieces can elevate the overall look.

6.Customization and Personalization:

Tailored Designs: Consider custom-built elements like bespoke furniture or personalized finishes to add exclusivity.

Unique Features: Incorporate unique and individualized touches that reflect the homeowner’s taste and personality.

7.Harmonious Color Schemes:

Rich and Neutral Tones: Use a palette of rich, neutral colors like deep browns, creams, grays, or navy for a sophisticated feel.

Metallic Accents: Incorporate gold, silver, or brass accents to add a touch of glamour.

8.Spaciousness and Flow:

Open Layout: Create a sense of space by maintaining an open floor plan and strategic furniture placement.

Well-Defined Spaces: Design areas that flow seamlessly while maintaining their individual purposes.

9.Sustainability and Eco-Luxury:

Green Design: Incorporate sustainable materials and eco-friendly design elements without compromising luxury.

10.Personalized Service and Experience:

Concierge Services: Integrate services that cater to the homeowner’s needs, such as personalized concierge or home automation.

Luxury interior design is about creating a space that exudes comfort, sophistication, and exclusivity while aligning with the owner’s preferences and lifestyle. Each element should work harmoniously to create a cohesive and inviting environment.

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