BLA-India Bistro is another of the specialty commercial design projects of the designer duo Nidhi Jain and Emily.

For designing this restaurant in an eclectic and eye-catching manner, the duo won the prestigious SIDS Awards. They collaborated with artist Ketna Patel to come up with a custom wallpaper which captures the old little India and it’s architecture in last 100 years. This gave a refreshing and extremely creative look to the bistro and also enhanced the beauty of the interiors by a few notches.

They unveiled elements like 80 year old stain glass windows, truss ceilings and arches tucked inside the old interiors. They restored all the old elements and added new design features of bells, the lazor cut custom screens , flooring , chetinath columns and lighting to give a new story to the space.

They always think out of the box while designing properties. To make the place colorful and vibrant, orange ottomans were used for a comfortable yet stylish seating. Lotus cutout works was also used on the walls for a subtle and bright option which not only beautifies the bistro but also makes it appealing for the patrons.

The designing of this bistro focused more on utilizing unused places in commercial properties and creating something attractive and beautiful out of them.


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