During the December holidays of 2020, this lovely client of ours approached us to style their existing apartment where they have been staying for last 7 years.

They wanted minimum hacking and a quick makeover for their Entry, Living, Dining, Balcony and Three Bedrooms. We started the project in mid December & finished it in less than 8 weeks. (Including CNY holidays)

Our client wanted space which was casual for their family. A space which could be easily maintained without a helper, where the “robot vacuum cleaner” could move around easily. We were told not to suggest any furniture which doesn’t have 9 cm clearance for the robot vacuum cleaner to pass.

As a woman I understand that this form of art(interior design) is not just to be admired but also to be lived in, enjoyed and therefore practical for everyday living.

We transformed their entry way with bold blue color with rattan custom built shoe rack. It not just have a great look but also ventilates the shoes without spending a fortune on wooden louvered doors.

The living room initially had a very heavy feel, which you can see in the before folder. We generally play a game before we start the project called “LET’S GET TO KNOW YOU”. These answers sometimes make us understand how different clients liking and dreams could be from their existing way of living.

We understood that the client is looking for a light tropical feel, with burst of colours here and there. Custom built booth seating with a bold wallpaper was the idea for bold statement at the dining and rest everything followed around it.

For kid’s bedroom we purposely chose an artwork which had a mature feel yet the colours make it look happy and chirpy. All the art was curated and framed by us keeping in mind the overall look of the house.

It will be interesting to see the before renovation pictures to get an idea of the transformation in minimum budget.


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To view complete list of our Clients