The Italian restaurant at Rochester park was to be designed in a heritage black and white bunglow. The designers wanted to keep the beauty of it’s structure and lush green surrounding as part of the design.

The three most distinctive elements used for designing this restaurant were natural light, earthy tones and existing structure .

For instance the bar design, the surrounding natural background became the art for the space. The color palate of the furniture of this restaurant are then chosen to blend in the inside to outside.

Playing with light and shadow has been one of the foremost styles of Nidhi while designing properties. For designing of this restaurant, the duo attended quite a few meetings to understand the demands of the clients. This professional attitude is what sets the designer duo apart from the other designers practicing in this field. The biggest investment in this project was the pergola roof structure.

The section with pergola roof had no color, this allowed us to play with light and shadow while designing the restaurant. The monochromatic palette with the trees at the backdrop was a contrast and blended well. The blending of these two natural elements enhanced the look and feel of the restaurant.

Commercial designs under Rochester Park speak volumes about their endeavors to make designs that are not only contemporary but also use natural elements beautifully.


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