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Srruthi, my youngest client, has taken possession of a newly developed 950 sq ft apartment on Flora Drive, Singapore. She is an extraordinary and vibrant legal practitioner who commands admiration in the legal sphere.

In the presence of this young legal powerhouse, I am struck with profound admiration. Srruthi’s journey is a living testament to her unyielding determination—a narrative woven with the threads of academic brilliance at Raffles Girls School, followed by her acquisition of a law degree from the prestigious NUS. She embarked on a journey to craft her own sanctuary, one distinct from the familiar comforts of her parental abode. Originating from a conservative Indian background, Shrruthi boldly embraces choices that defy the conventions of a typical Indian household.

My introduction to Srruthi’s remarkable story unfolded amid the celebratory atmosphere of her promotion event at Gotti Italian restaurant. It’s intriguing how her fondness for Gotti aligns with her legal profession, and it was here that I first glimpsed her natural inclination.

Embedded at the core of our organization is a distinctive approach, aptly named “Getting Acquainted: Unveiling Your Essence.” We immerse ourselves in the realm of our clients’ preferences and personality traits, delving profoundly to uncover the ideal space that resonates with their core being. We refrain from imposing our design aesthetic and identity on them, ensuring a truly tailored experience.

To our pleasant astonishment, Srruthi defied our initial expectations. She unveiled layers that surpassed our assumptions. While she flourishes as a successful attorney, drawn to the opulence and refinement it entails, this facet of her character emerges primarily during work. Her essence is that of a simple soul, seeking solace within a vibrant, snug ambiance. Her affinity for the SOHO design style was unmistakable—an embodiment of her aspirations. Srruthi envisions her apartment transformed: wardrobes graciously ceding space in all three bedrooms. The first room evolves into a tranquil sanctuary, the second into an exquisite walk-in closet, and the third into her dedicated professional haven.


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