Coastal interior ideas for Singaporean Homes

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Coastal interior ideas for Singaporean Homes

Coastal design can be characterized by kitschy coastal décor and vibrant colors against a slightly neutral backdrop. It’s a complete antithesis of the modern movement of minimalist and bold shapes. But a combination of both styles is a simplified and candid version of traditional coastal design.

It helps modernize a seaside atmosphere to have aesthetic appeal and functional aspects. Modern Coastal design can deliver the beachy lifestyle without the tackiness. It means that there would be fewer elements in the name of décor. Instead of a visually screaming aesthetic consisting of colored surfboards or wall art, it is replaced by a subtle design language.

Coastal Interior Design (History and Origins)

Imagine the tranquillity and serenity you feel when you are near the coast. Coastal interior design is the visual interpretation of this emotion. The interior design style has been around for a long time, invisible to the social eye. The coastal design scheme is an organic culmination of the way people who lived around the coast designed their homes.

Although the base values have remained the same, there are visually striking changes as the design is incorporated in different country areas. You can observe darker wood stains in north-eastern homes, whereas the southern getaways have a very light shade of wood to combat the humidity and salinity in the air.

The design in the southern states is also more on the tropical side, promoting pops of color everywhere. The coastal look has gradually merged with more modern and central principles to become less literal and imbibe the values of the homeowner and the location of the home.

Coastal Interior Design Elements

Like all other design languages, the coastal design look is characterized by certain key elements. The Mediterranean style is played by vibrant colors, pottery and very free use of light-colored woods. You can visualize the sun-soaked hills and architecture of Santorini when you think about a Mediterranean-inspired coastal design.

The classic American coastal style will house elements like seashells, netting, healthy use of rattan and wicker, and very soft use of light shaded pastel color scheme everywhere.

If you are keen to explore the more upbeat tropical style of coastal design, you need to include fun elements like colorful patterns, vibrant shades of yellows and reds, and tiki-themed decor.

Apart from the various types of coastal designs, you can broadly divide all the styles into common elements such as:-

  • Decor showcasing trellis patterns
  • Decorations inspired from oceans such as a piece of driftwood or coral
  • See-through sheer curtains and drapes to let in plenty of natural light and air.
  • Wall art showcasing ocean views and beaches.
  • Flooring that can resist or is immune to sand, moisture and salinity.

Characteristics of Coastal Interior Design

You can break down the coastal vibe into four main factors that define the style. If you get these characteristics right, rest assured you have successfully brought the beach lifestyle to your home design.

1. Colors

Colous such as crisp whites, light blues and greens resembling the sea, and sandy beige shades imitating the sand can be primary coastal design colors. You can also incorporate serene secondary colors such as pastel grass greens, rock greys, driftwood greys, and browns. You can add pops of color like yellow and orange to compliment the pastel neutral backgrounds as an added visual appeal.

2. Space and Openness

You can automatically feel a sense of calm and peace when you take a walk by the beachside. If you hope to achieve the true essence of coastal design aesthetics, you must incorporate this feeling of calm into your home.

The design of your house should be severely uncluttered and breezy overall. Don’t over-accessorize your coastal living rooms. Leave it at the bare minimum in terms of beach house décor, and you can achieve the goal.

3. Simplicity

The biggest highlight of coastal-inspired spaces is their straightforward demeanour. The room design has to be relaxed, casual, and comfortable, whatever the style of your home be. You can achieve this irrespective of the coastal design you are going for.

Simple items like distressed furniture and weathered wood are all excellent directions. Healthy use of outdoor décors like rugs and carpets is also encouraged to promote this feeling.

4. Natural Textures

Coastal design is now mimicking the landscapes and visuals one observes in waterfront areas. Textiles like cotton, linens, jute and natural elements are instrumental in delivering the coastal style. Some natural materials go a step ahead and are made from grass found in some coastal regions.

Visually speaking, a jute rug against a predominantly white palate in the coastal bedroom design can bring out the “beachiness”. If you don’t like how the natural weave feels on your feet, you can add a secondary smaller carpet for additional comfort.

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