How to Setup Restaurant in Singapore -By Interior Design Expert Nidhi Jain

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How to Setup Restaurant in Singapore -By Interior Design Expert Nidhi Jain

Singapore is a vibrant,multicultural country often called the melting pot. Singaporeans and the Tourists here love to indulge in variety of cuisines from across the world.

One can embark on a gastronomical journey by experiencing food, ambience, vibes of a restaurant in Singapore.

Setting up a Restaurant can be a lucrative business in Singapore, if done well.

A good Restaurant will give a very pleasant experience be in terms of food, efficiency and service.

At Nidhi Jain Design Studio it is our core expertise to help set up a restaurantright from conceptualization to execution to delivering the highly efficient and effective restaurant.



We have helped several big names in Restaurant business in Singapore to set up.

Interior designing of any Restaurant in Singapore reflects a blend of innovation, functionality, and cultural diversity.

Designing the interior of a restaurant plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere that complements the restaurant’s concept. We at Nidhi Jain Design Studio are involved right from the start.


We have designed restaurants like Gotti at Amoy Street, Apollo Banana Leaf which are known for their good food and atmosphere. Here are some steps in which we were closely involved.

Theme and Concept:

Defining a cohesive theme that aligned with our client’s idea of creating restaurant’s identity, cuisine, and target audience. We ensure that we maintain consistency throughout.

Layout and Space Planning:

At Nidhi Jain Studio, we optimized the space for both functionality and aesthetics. Considering factors like seating capacity, kitchen flow, bar area (if applicable), and accessibility for customers and staff is a game changer for e.g. for an Indian Restaurant the handwash area is criticalas against an Italian restaurant which doesn’t need a hand wash so much or keeping the seating style spread out so that the guest experience will be intimate. The traffic inside the restaurant should flow seamlessly.

Color Scheme and Lighting:

Choosing color palette that suited the theme and ambience that we want to create. Lighting is crucial for setting the mood. Natural light during the day and a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting for the evening can enhance the dining experience. For us, it may be a commercial space, but we make sure guests are at ease in their surroundings as they would be at home.


Furniture and Curating a Unique Decor:

At Nidhi Jain Studio we make sure our choices in furniture enhance the overall experience of the restaurant.

Selecting furniture that’s comfortable, durable, and fits the overall theme. Tables, chairs, booths, and bar stools should complement the restaurant’s style.

We take special care in get the best fitting Decor elements like artwork, plants, wall coverings, and decorative items add character and can be used to emphasize the theme. We patronize several artists including Ketna Patel, who is British-Indian Multimedia POP artist known to create visually engaging thought-provoking artworks.

Materials and Textures:

We are proud to say we stay in vogue because we keep ourselves updated with latest design and material trends in Interior Design

Use a variety of materials and textures to add depth and interest in any ambiance we are creatimg. Wood, metal, glass, fabrics, and stone can create a visually appealing environment. For instance, exposed brick walls or reclaimed wood can add warmth and character.

Branding Elements:

Incorporate branding elements subtly into the design is one of the key elements. This could be through logo placement, branded uniforms for staff, or themed decorations that align with the restaurant’s identity.

Comfort and Acoustics:

For us ensuring comfort for our end customers is very crucial. We ensure that the seating is comfortable for diners. Considering the acoustics of the space to avoid excessive noise levels that can disturb conversations is equally important.We use soft furnishings, carpets, or acoustic panels to help manage sound.


Kitchen Visibility (if applicable):

If your restaurant allows for it, consider an open kitchen layout that allows diners to see the culinary process. It can enhance the dining experience and create a sense of transparency.

Accessibility and Safety:

Ensure that the design complies with accessibility standards. Also, prioritize safety measures such as fire exits, proper ventilation, and compliance with health and safety regulations in Singapore.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

A good Design with flexibility in mind helps to accommodate changes or future expansions. Creating spaces that can be easily adjusted or repurposed as needed.

Nidhi Jain Interior Design Studio we believe that restaurant design should not only be visually appealing but also functional and conducive to a pleasant dining experience, reflecting the essence of your restaurant’s brand and concept. Working with professional interior designers or architects specialized in restaurant design can significantly aid in bringing your vision to life.

You could reach us at Nidhi Jain Design Studio call +65 98507375 or email at

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