AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Interior Design

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Interior Design

Like most professions Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) has also taken Interior Design and Architecture by storm.

No doubt it is a Game Changer, but AI cannot take away the human experience and creative intelligence of an Interior Designer.

Recently we designed a residential space for a client who wanted modern interior style we made certain design recommendations using design visualization and other AI tools. However, when we saw the space to be transformed, we saw that the way light came into the room and it impacted furniture, lighting was not what the client had envisioned and using the same AI design would make the space look darker and unappealing. We at Nidhi Jain Associates understood that completely and redesigned using our human interior design experience and skill to make sure that the space looked nice and appealing.

ai and interior design

AI Interior design tools can enhance creativity and add to the work of Interior designers but can in no way replace the human intelligence of the designer.

We as a team use AI Tool to enhance our design experience and to give most personalised experience to the client. We use Design Visualization AI powered tools like Planner 5D and Home stylerwhich allows us to create realistic 3D models of interior spaces, enabling them to visualize different design options before making decisions on what final design we will go ahead with.

There are some platforms offering personalization, space planning, material and colour selection however these are just tools we use only to get an idea for our team as we would like our clients to get our Bespoke Designs.

We feel as designers we are better equipped to understand the emotional and psychological needs of clients. We can empathize with clients’ feelings and create spaces that cater to their emotional well-being, something AI lacks.

Our team at Nidhi Jain believes that we bring in a unique blend of creativity and intuition to our projects. We try to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions that AI might not generate due to its reliance on existing data.

As Designers our teams builds up Personal Connection with the clients. Building personal relationships with clients allows us to better understand  our client lifestyles, tastes, and preferences, which leads to more tailored and meaningful designs.

We can basically get a holistic view of the space ,how different elements of a space come together. We consider factors such as flow, balance, and harmony in ways that AI tools might not fully grasp.

There are many times we are faced with lot of unexpected issues on the site at various stages of the project and we have the confidence to solve it another thing which AI might not be able to solve.

In summary, while  we use AI  to enhance the interior design process by providing tools and insights, human designers bring irreplaceable qualities such as empathy, creativity, holistic vision, and the ability to build personal connections, ensuring that each project is uniquely tailored to the client’s needs and aspirations.

If you are keen on transforming your space and creating the best Design Experience be it Commercial or Residential

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