Latest Design Trends in Luxury Homes

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Latest Design Trends in Luxury Homes

Comfort is the primary keyword when designing luxury homes and creating a space where we can unwind, feel safe, and relax. According to the best interior designing company in Singaporeaesthetics and style are significant considerations too. Everybody wants an abode that will exude sophistication and luxury, as per the homeowners’ preferences and likes. That is why it is no surprise that some families or couples are willing to invest their money in transforming their simple houses into fanciful and luxurious homes with all the modern facilities and amenities.

Thus, if you are planning a renovation and require some inspiration to design your home, you have landed on the perfect platform. We have curated a list of the top interior design trends for 2022 that will give a complete makeover to your residence. So without further delay, let us jump into the trends below.

Latest interior design tips

  • Sleek Kitchen space

Sleek and massive kitchen space is in trend nowadays. The Walk-in pantry offers enormous storage for the food items for cooking. You can integrate more technology into the kitchen to make it highly functional. Go for interactive and touchless appliances which will immediately respond to your voice command. Always keep space for giant appliances like coffee machines, blenders, mixers, and more. The sleek kitchen will deliver you a clean and organized look at the design.

  • Segregated areas

In the earlier designing days, the most common style was an open area. But according to the Top interior designers in Singaporeit has become a thing of the past. Due to the recent pandemic due to Coronavirus, most people have turned their homes into offices to serve as multifunctional areas. It allows various house members to learn, work, play and study at the different or same times of the day.

A blueprint with a dedicated area can meet all these criteria. You can create a close floor plan by adding more walls. This will act as a divider and create more rooms in the house. One of the latest interior design trends for the living room is to divide it into a dining room by using a wine wall. A top-to-bottom bookshelf or storage unit can also act as a wall and segregate the areas beautifully.

  • Stylish Bathroom

Due to the excessive stress of working from home in the pandemic, most homeowners incorporate different elements to release the tension and get recharged. A Singapore Interior Design Firm can assist you in creating well-designed and massive bathrooms with a spa-like feeling at home. Luxury bathrooms can also include earthy stones, high-end finishing, multi-layered lighting, elegant fixtures, soaker tubs, multi-shower head types, massive showers, and many more.

If you have more space even after fitting the above elements in your bathroom, you can further install a sauna or steam room.

  • Surprise elements

Home interior design should never be boring or staid. It should be a proper representation of your personality and taste. One of the strongest Interior design trends in 2022 is including several surprising elements mixed in.

For example, you can keep a standing raw sculpture in the corner, a crystal chandelier, or a classic piano in the room. Also, put up a muted tone wallpaper to spice up the space.

  • Wellness segments

People have become more conscious about their wellness and health. Thus, it has become mandatory to create a meditation and yoga room in your luxury home to calm your body and mind. You can also include sound therapy and chromatic lighting for enhanced effects. Also, the current Home design trends in 2022 include fully winterized and secondary cabana for all-year entertainment.

  • Natural materials

After spending so much time confined within our homes, people are now seeking out natural elements or materials to bring more elements into the interiors of luxury homes. You can include different natural décor items like terracotta, cement, marbles, travertine, and so on.

More prevalent colors can also assist you in creating an environment full of warmth and serenity in your home. The top interior designers in Singapore always go for natural colors like rich browns, cognacs, burnt umber, neutrals, and greens to make your home look cozier.

  • The wallpaper will add soul.

Wallpapers might sound outdated to you, but they are back in the Current decorating trends of luxury homes. It can create spaces full of soul. And the correct amount of drama through massive and unique patterns on a ceiling or a wall.

  • Artistic Furniture

Furniture with deep seating and curved lines is in trend right now. We all want to feel cozy and safe after a hectic day of work. Bold look furniture can serve this purpose and make your house artistic differently. You can also add simple light settings, minimalist side tables, and vases to enhance the house’s aesthetics.

  • Ambient and cozy lighting

As per the opinion of a Luxury interior designer, correct lighting is a game-changer for any luxury home. It will soothe your mind and will lighten the mood. When you want to relax and unwind, you can turn down the brightness of the light settings for an intimate, relaxed, and cozy vibe in the room. You can also set up diffused lighting in the bar to have evoking feelings while having your favorite drink. Instead of installing single white lights, you can go for multiple bulbs and light fixtures for a warm and soft glow.

You can hire a professional interior designing company in Singapore who will arrange these lights in a ceiling and make them hidden behind furniture or a wall. You can also play with ambient colored lighting to give an eclectic touch to your luxury home.

Got inspired by these latest design trends and want a renovation of your home? Contact Nidhi Jain!

When it comes to the latest design trends in 2022, it is all about luxurious minimalism, biophilic architectures, and flexible segments. Nidhi Jain is one of the leading Singapore Interior Designers that can accomplish any design you want. So give us a ring at +65 9850 7375 and create comfortable and luxurious home interiors.

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