Be Different – Design with Nidhi Jain Interior Studio

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Be Different – Design with Nidhi Jain Interior Studio

Design they say is a journey of discovery. We at Nidhi Jain Design Studio help discover your personal style for your space. 

Having been an industry veteran for a decade we are proud to say that we have had the finest experiences working with some of the top-notch clients whether it is designing an upmarket restaurant in heart of Singapore or doing the most beautiful homes at Sentosa or a boutique fitness studio. 

Each designer has their own character and style which is very often their trademark. One would easily recognize if a certain design element is from Pottery Barn or is it a Barbara Barry design. 

We at Nidhi Jain Interior studio bring you our most authentic designs. Our mainstay is that we do not fit our clients in a particular style rather listen to what they need in terms of functionality, what they aspire in terms of form and suggest an Interior Design that is uniquely theirs. 

This is how we are able to achieve what we dream together for their space: 

We understand the science behind each design because we are professionals with robust educational qualifications, knowledge about trending styles across the world and experience at various levels of execution of a project.  

We can blend in different interior styles with ease for example Boho and a Zen or an Indian or a contemporary. 


We design very specific and unique design solutions, especially curated, keeping our specific client in mind.  

We have a solid team of experienced professionals working in collaboration making our journey through a particular project more enjoyable. 

At Nidhi Jain Interior Studio, no two designs look similar. We are Architects and Designers who work onsite, we anticipate, understand and try to overcome all challenges with ease and so deliver the most innovative and creative design for our clients. 

 If Classy and Authentic is your brief then let us chat, Call Nidhi +65 98507375 

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