How To Choose an Interior Color Scheme for Home?

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How To Choose an Interior Color Scheme for Home?

Starting from the static elements in the room is an easy and sure-shot way to design an effective interior paint color scheme. This could be the inflexible aspects of the home like its architectural elements, furniture, flooring, tiles, or even its art. You can then start defining the perfect colors for the walls with the help of the pointers given below.

1. Get Inspired

Inspiration can be derived from anywhere. It could be a picture your clients love or a theme you both like. Anything that appeals to the eye and sparks joy in the heart can be the foundation of your color scheme.

2. Value the color tone

When choosing colors, keeping the color values in mind is vital. Color value stands for the hue’s darkness or lightness. Playing around with these values can help your color scheme take on a deeper meaning and look more attractive.


3. Plan well before execution

It’s easy to get intimidated by the variety of colors available. You can make a floor plan or a 3D home model to experience the space in all its color options. Ensure to swatch the colors on the walls, so there are no surprise elements.

You can even create a mood board with the different materials, textures, and furniture from the room placed against the proposed colors. Planning well can help you achieve the desired goal and avoid unwanted errors during execution.

4. Take natural Light into account

Natural light has a fantastic effect on every color, even in small spaces. After all, color is a reflection of light. Hence you can use real-time sun charts available in 3D software to map out how light from natural and artificial sources will react with the paint on the walls.

Without further ado, let’s talk you through the top 20 interior color schemes for homes, their distinct character, and their effect on each room.

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