Guide For A beautiful Balcony

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Guide For A beautiful Balcony

Inspirations to design your outdoor space!!! Yay!!

NO. 1

Add an oomph in your balcony.

We painted a mural on this balcony wall. It’s no just admired when you are in the balcony but creates a sense of excitement when one gets a glimpse of it from living.

NO. 2

Sometime the best view is from your backyard!!

It’s absolutely worth moving few walls if that’s the case. Don’t let that view go just because it’s visible from the backyard!!

NO. 3

Divide and zone out your balcony

You could potentially pull out an entire room in your balcony. Like in this case, it’s our client’s second living room.

NO. 4

Create a sense of Calmness

Add the right furniture, plants and mood lighting to achieve a sense of calmness.





















NO. 5

Add a swing 🙂 !

Natural earthy colors and furniture would never fail when you put them in outdoor design color scheme!!

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