Pre Possesion Requirements of a Space in Singapore

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Pre Possesion Requirements of a Space in Singapore

Pre Possesion Requirements of a Space in Singapore

When we are acquiring a House/ Office Space for living or commercial purposes there are certain pre- possession requirements we often need to keep in mind.

Singapore being a country with strict laws it always makes sense to follow the rules to the core, so that one doesn’t have to pay penalties later.

As an Interior Architect Designer based here in Singapore here are some tips that we can suggest.

Pre-possession of Office Space checklist for Singapore

1. Last Use of the Space: Before you go in for renting or purchase of the commercial space make sure you do a survey of the space. One needs to check on the last use of that space. We need to check what Electricity outlets, Sanitary and Sewage fittings available and what is it that you need. This is particularly important if you are opening a restaurant/gym etc in the CBD (Central business district in Singapore).  The CBD area was built in the 1980’s so there is only a certain way the electrical, sewage and sanitary fitting can go as there are land regulations that need to be followed strictly.


2. Change of Use: This term is used in Singapore and is issued by the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) One should make sure that Change of use of the place has already been issued for the address (that you wish to take charge) either for rent or purchase for setting up your commercial space BEFORE you sign the contact.

3. Survey: It is advisable to invest in good structural engineer or Architect before you sign the lease or buy, to understand the the building requirements and condition. This cost will be much less than if you buy/rent without surveys and then later you have to make alterations basis the law/requirements.

4. Define a Budget: This is often a critical area of creating a new space and hence again why an interior designer can be of real value. Experienced Interior Designers would know how much to assign for a certain element and how much to keep as extras.

5. Check on Construction Period: This is time available to work in the space ( especially for noisy work like hacking, tiling like for eg 9:00 am- 5:00 pm. Ensure that before you start any work you have a clear go ahead on the time that you can work on to avoid any inconveniences later from MCST and your neighbors.

6. Kitchen for Kitchen ..Gym for Gym if possible ..If you are planning to set up a restaurant then try to find a place/address which was already running restaurant as most fittings in that place would be there and no major changes will be required.

7. Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST ): This is normally the three way relationship between Management council, managing agent and the property owners. It is important to take one person from MCST in confidence/approval before/ during construction period.

8. Heritage Property: If your proposed address is a heritage site then factor in an extra month for Building Construction Authority (BCA)approvals.

9. Engage with a Qualified Person( QP) He/she could be an Architect/ Interior Designer when you are just about the start the project. They can propose on important logistical issues like what area can be loading/ unloading area for the restaurant, check for leakage other things which are very typical to the business

10. Make sure you have the License to run the exact thing that you want to run. If you have a license for the restaurant and you want to run a bar, it is not possible till you have license for running a bar.

If you want to play Live Music ..again you need to apply and get the specific license.

Appoint Office Manager/ Restaurant Manager well in advance as they are the people who are going to use the space. They will advise on Service Counters, Docking Decks etc depending upon who is using the space.

We at Nidhi Jain have vast experience in setting up /designing spaces across Singapore. Some of our best works can be seen in the CBD area of Singapore.

If you are thinking of starting a Restaurant, Gym, Office contact us to get the ground information and the best of designing experience.

You can call Nidhi Jain on +65 98507375 or email at and get started with your dream business.


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