Are you looking for an Expert Luxury Interior Designer for your Home in Singapore ?

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Are you looking for an Expert Luxury Interior Designer for your Home in Singapore ?

Look for these Qualities in your Interior Designer?

Singapore is a home to an approximately 5.45 million people who stay in Singapore.

Being a city which is a multicultural melting pot with a confluence of cultures,traditions,languages,cuisines and of course the Homes! It is a home to some of the rich and the elite  who have an exclusive taste.

1. One who Understands the Owner/ Co-Owners Personality

Each home  is a clear reflection of an owner’s personality. The more time we spend at home the closer it is to what you are as a person and will mirror your personality.

It is very important for an Interior Designer to understand what the home dweller “is” and what it will make their home an extension of them. Whether you like the modern design ,eclectic or you would be happy with a minimalistic or maximist is completely driven by the personality of the home dweller.

2.Experience of the Designer

Singapore is home to the biggest names in the world . When it comes to designing their homes naturally they want nothing but the best .

The designer should have enough experience in doing Exclusive Residential Properties in Singapore .Some of the great localities to look for the most beautiful homes are in Sentosa, Nassim Hills , Holland Rise, Meyer Mansions, Orchard Road etc to name a few. The designer should be equally adept in doing GCB’s ( Good Class Bungalows) as they are with condominiums.

Bringing in a good number of years of Interior Designing in Singapore always helps as you can be assured that the job will be done of supreme quality and on time!


3. Good References

When you want Exclusivity and want nothing but the best when it comes to your home. Your designer should be able to give you good references for people with similar taste.

4. Trend and Style

The Interior Designer should be able to suggest the latest trends and style. Their suggestion for your home should be in providing a finished home which has the right balance, harmony, rhythm,proportion, emphasis,colors, contrast and detailing keeping in mind the latest trending styles.

5. Fresh Ideas not Out of Pinterest !

Designers should be giving their own perspective based on their expertise rather than copying ideas from Pinterest and other designing sites.

They should be able to explain that for certain climate and geographies only certain things will look good and be comfortable..It should not be about being a yes minister to the client and give whatever they like on a particular social media site ..He/she should be able to explain the pros and cons of having a certain element, furniture, color etc

For example one cannot recreate a Manhattan apartment or a suburban mansion in Southern California with elements that go really well there but will be totally out of place in a tropical country like Singapore. Like a wool/fur rug, a fireplace would be ideal for a cozy American home but will not be the best for a Singaporean Home.

If you need that Expert touch to create your home into Luxury Abode with just the right elements and experience..reach out to Nidhi Jain who understands Singapore Luxury Homes as no one else does!

Nidhi Jain is a Leading Singapore Interior Designer who has won several awards and accolades for her exquisite work . She can help you create a home of your dreams!

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