Top 10 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Really Luxurious

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Top 10 Tips to Make your Bathroom Look Really Luxurious

Do you know Bathrooms can be that One  place in the house  which can give you complete peace of mind and bring you higher value to your property if you plan to sell ?

As an architect and Interior designer company we always try to bring maximum value to my clients by understanding what they exactly need..

On this International Women’s Day ..i will talk about one of my women clients who wanted to redesign her bathroom in a way that brought her lot of peace and tranquil. The was her Statement Bathroom

She was going through lot in a personal life and wanted a space where she could just be herself, a space that was so personal and yet so functional , space which could relax her completely and help her come out rejuvenated ready to face the world .

It is so true, for women who are so busy in the hustle and bustle of life that sometimes you will feel that once you enter the bathroom you could just be with yourself, organize your thoughts for the day or just enter the bathroom and feel the stress getting washed away! This ask of the client is also a reflection of our society today which pays lot of attention to mental health and self care!

Even for her Guest Bathroom she wanted space which reflected so much of her and with whatever time the guest spent in that bathroom they could get a good sense of her style and obviously having all the conveniences of a modern bathroom.

We did exactly what she wanted us to do!

Here are Top Ten Must Do tips to make your bathroom look really luxurious and a place you want to be!

1. Bathroom lighting is the key. Make sure the light on right on your face so that you can do your make up clearly.Sometimes lights are so dim and dull that it one cannot see the face clearly or have shadows on the face. Beautiful bathroom lighting can contribute to soothing atmosphere and offer a sculptural element while still supporting the functionality.

2. Clean Counter Space Items like hair dryers ,combs , glasses ,vases etc should have a proper place. For things which are not used so frequently should be put away in drawers. Decluttering the space alone can make the bathroom look more usable, inviting and welcoming to you.

3. Use of One of the Kind Bathtubs this will add simple yer important decorative element to the bathroom. Custom and free standing bathtubs are a great way to create a focal point in the bathroom. You could add gold fixtures to make it look more luxurious..It could a treat to yourself everyday to transition from a life which is so fast on the work-front to a space which is just the opposite and to have a nice soaking bath.

4. High Design Powder Rooms In recent times there has been a growing importance on design of powder rooms. Let this space be once place that is so uniquely yours and brings a smile back on your guests that will last for a long long time.

5. Natural materials As we move towards a society which makes choices which are more sustainable.use of materials like fiber, rattan, wood, stones is on the rise. Sink made of stone could be a great styling statement and define the counter space

6. Bathroom colors should be either white or Neutral on the walls this will ensure you could experiment with the color of rest of the fittings and fixture. Lighter colors also make the bathroom space look bigger. Color of the floor could be darker or best left to personal choice

7. Add Pretty Container plants to boost up your mood. Plant you could select could be Orchids, Peace lilies ,spider plants or any plants which grow well in a humid environment

8. Use of Shower bench to sit back after your soaking just to dry yourself clean.This will not make your entire bathroom wet and you would have enough space to sit back and listen to your favorite music in the bathroom.

9. Light up the Bathroom with Candles and Diff-users . A good beeswax candle will

immediately spruce your bathroom and make it look luxurious not forgetting the soothing aromas of the diff users. You could choose from variety of scents available from Vanilla to cinnamon to many more! Reed Diff users use wicks like candles to disperse the scent of essential oils through the air but without any heat or flame.

10. Install a Rack or holder to make space for Towels ,Undergarments etc This would make the space look so uncluttered and neatly organized.

If you are looking a bathroom makeover or a completely new bathroom we at Nidhi Jain would love  to listen to you. You could reach us at Nidhi Jain Design Studio call +65 98507375 or email at

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