Things Every Family Room Design Needs to Be Complete

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Things Every Family Room Design Needs to Be Complete

Need a family-friendly space that doubles up as a comfortable oasis? These tips will help create a room that is fun, every day!

A family room is the primary gathering room in your home. You can relax, entertain, enjoy your movie night and socialize with your dear ones. It deserves to be decorated and styled by personal taste. But you might feel something is missing from the space and wonder what it is. Worry not, as we have pulled together a list of the things every family room will need to be complete.

So turn your family room into the best hub for social gatherings for your entire clan with the curated design rules by the top interior design companies in SingaporeFrom the smart seating and storage ideas to the furniture, we have got everything covered in this piece of writing for family room design.

Here are some of the family room ideas from the best interior designers in Singapore to make your happy space more trendy and comfortable.

  • Increase the family room storage

When you start spending more time in your living room, you will become more aware of the storage unit needed in the space. People are now rejuvenating the family room as multifunctional or tranquil living spaces that you have forgotten. According to a celebrated Interior design company in Singaporethere is a high demand for family rooms among homeowners, searching for a dynamic space. As it allows them to unwind from their tiredness and stress at the hectic day’s end.

  • Light it up

The first thing to consider while planning for a living room makeover by choosing the best interior design company in Singapore is finding the perfect place to fit the lights. You can select any decorative light fixtures like table lamps, picture lights, floor lamps, sconces, desk lights, and pendants. Also, consider the way light changes in your house for the entire day and place the light fixtures to create the highest impact.

Think about flexible sources of light for various situations. A swivel arm floor light is perfect as a reading lamp in the evening while sitting on a chair or a sofa. Remember, light shade can affect the mood of the family room. Thus for additional and enhanced ambiance, select dark tones, which will give you a cozier feel for a perfect night.

  • Consider technology

Always include an entertainment space in the family room without compromising the style. Any leading Interior Design Studio in Singapore would recommend including more technology, starting from Wi-Fi for high-speed internet, a sound system for background music, and play stations to play games. The latest trend for these family room ideas is to select fully concealed solutions.

Invest in a high-quality smart TV that will blend beautifully without disturbing the entire setup. But be sure your Interior Designer in Singapore should conceal every wire behind the walls and cupboards. Alternatively, you can fit a family room storage unit incorporating your TV and allow sufficient room to keep other gadgets. Never create a massive gap as it might look awkward in your home.

  • Select the correct furniture

Getting the correct furniture in a family room is a daunting task for homeowners. It can be your practical space for having a good conversation or for binge-watching your favorite shows. You should pick a TV that should be stylish and match the harmony and personality of the room. Hire or consult pioneering Interior design firms in Singapore to give a bold look to your household space. For small family rooms set up large-scale furniture to create an illusion that the room is bigger than it really is.

  • Implement patterns for improving the characters

A family room is a communal space in the house that reflects the personality of everyone in the home. Thus play with different colors and patterns here to give it a touch of ethnicity. For instance, you can use patterned and colorful cushions on the sofa with a pouf and chairs covered with your desired fabric selection. Basically, keep the design functional, yet fun by playing with patterns and colors.

  • Furnishings play a vital role

Furnishings also play a crucial role in delivering the best interior in Singapore for your family room. If you have a small family room, place an enormous rug with tones. A central table can act like a focal point in a tiny living room. You can match the best frame of the table with the inward-facing armchairs to create volume and depth.

  • The fabric and finishes should be child and pet-friendly

Do you fret about using expensive materials or finishes in rooms used by young children or pets? Don’t worry as there are many excellent products available that are easy to clean and maintain.

Also, soften the lines in the interiors to create a much more welcoming space that is loved by the entire family. This means that instead of going for straight edges go with curves. Not only are they very much on trend for 2022 homes, but are safe too for kids and pets.

  • Don’t be afraid to fill a small family room

Gone are the days when you had to buy small-scale furniture for small family rooms. Modern home interior designers advise using the whole space wisely.  Get a rug that is completely under all your furniture, and don’t get a two-seater furniture piece if you can actually fit a three-seater living room sofa in the room. Not only will buying big furniture look better, but it will also make your experience of this friendly space so much more comfortable: win-win!’

Got inspired by the above ideas? Want to upgrade your family room design with a high-end interior design in Singapore? Contact Nidhi Jain!

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